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Experts reveal when the best time to shower is

The definitive answer has been revealed Rachel Hosie Monday 8 May 2017 11:54 BST It’s an issue almost as divisive as putting milk in first when making a cup of tea: Is it better to shower in the morning or the evening? Those in the former camp wax lyrical about the energising effects of a shower and argue a bracing blast of water wakes them up for the day. But those of us who prefer to end the day with a relaxing hot shower say they couldn’t possibly get into bed dirty and they sleep much better as a result. Who’s

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Benefits of Cold Showers: 7 Reasons Why Taking Cool Showers Is Good For Your Health

By Lizette Borreli  Taking cold showers instead of hot showers provides surprising health benefits — from burning fat to depression relief — for our skin and body. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock Most of us have been caught in that skin-cringing, and often dreaded moment of being the last one to shower. If you haven’t then chances are that you’ve had someone walk into the bathroom, and flush the toilet mid-shower, leaving you covered in bone-chilling cold water. In these moments, instead of indulging in a hot luxurious shower, especially during the bitter cold winter months, we find ourselves shivering with discomfort and anger,

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