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Does Vitamin C Really Make Your Hair Grow?

Tonya McKay Becker 10.17.16 Vitamin C has long been touted for its beauty benefits from anti-aging properties for younger looking skin to growing longer, stronger hair and nails. Are these just marketing claims that the cosmetics industry is to make you think the products are natural, green, and healthy? Or are there true benefits to applying Vitamin C externally to your hair and skin? Perhaps not surprisingly, the answer is sometimes yes, sometimes no. What are the benefits of Vitamin C? Benefits for skin Vitamin C is a popular component of many topically applied skin care products, where it has

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7 Healthy Shower Habits To Adopt ASAP, Because It’s Never Too Late To Ditch The Bad Ones

By Sienna Fantozzi While you know that there are good and bad things you can do for your hair and skin, you may not know that there are bad things you do in the shower in general. And it’s not even your fault, because some of them you may not even be aware of. There are a few healthy shower habits you need to adopt if you haven’t already. Old habits die hard, but it’s never too late to make a switch. Showering seems like the most basic of acts, and it’s generally more what we do for our hair

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