Health Benefits of Singing in the Shower

Sing your heart out and improve your health / PicHelp

Sing your heart out and improve your health / PicHelp

Singing in the shower could be something your annoying roommate or infuriating sibling would do, which is why it doesn’t really have a good reputation. However, it is now time to change that. It turns out that singing, whether you are in the shower or at any part of the house, especially in the mornings, can provide positive health benefits to the body.

Your bath products may be your only audience, but being a shower singer can provide you with the following health effects:

Relieve You from Stress

Have you ever belted out a song in the shower and you find yourself in a good mood afterward? Don’t be surprised; singing in the shower can decrease stress levels. Whenever you exercise your lungs, you inhale more oxygen repeatedly. As a result, your stress levels are reduced. This is a known technique, especially by stress therapists as they ask their patients to focus on deep breathing.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

Cortisol is a hormone that is related to stress. If there is too much cortisol in the body, this elevates both your blood sugar and blood pressure levels. You don’t want this to happen because this can result to inflammation in the body. When there is inflammation, serious illnesses, including strokes and type 2 diabetes may take place. To avoid this, reduce your cortisol hormone by singing.

Strengthen Your Muscles

There is a technique performed by professional singers where they sing from the diaphragm. If you are able to do this, you can help strengthen your back and abdomen muscles.

Boost Your Memory

In order for you to sing a song, you need to memorize the lyrics. It is okay to forget a few lines here and there, but through regular singing, you can boost your memory. This is one sure way of keeping your brain working.

Improve Your Immunity

Because you have lower cortisol levels and you are not stressed out, this can help decrease your blood pressure. When your blood pressure is low, it makes it easier for the immune system to function well.

Reduce Your Pain

When you sing in the shower or anywhere, this activity helps release dopamine and oxytocin in the body. As a result, pain is reduced because of the happy hormones that your brain produced.

Singing is considered one of the earliest forms of entertainment. Even though it may be irritating to other people, this should not stop you from singing in the shower, which has a multitude of health benefits.

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